Client Representation

target oriented

Client representation  is the provision of support to help the developer client complete his tasks

  • Who has experience in the organisation of robust decision-making client structures?
  • Is there a professional level of risk management with an early warning system?
  • Does everyone understand the project objectives and who is monitoring their implementation
  • Have all public authority conditions been considered, fulfilled and implemented?

For your project to proceed smoothly, every single project phase must be organised professionally. With our profound range of services, we will make the processes easily comprehensible to you, providing you with certainty. Economic, technical, architectural, urban planning and legal aspects are all taken into account.

teamgnesda assists you with the development and implementation of your real estate wishes on the path towards a “practical world of working” – all through best-possible client support … on time, within budget and with the right quality.

teamgnesda offers you the services of a team of construction, real estate and project experts, together with a high-quality network of planners, authorities and key players on the market. We will advise you in controlling cost, schedule and quality targets and provide you with risk management services, while continually identifying opportunities for improvement. Other important aspects include a prompt and meaningful reporting system incl. complete project documentation, the proper preparatory work for client decision-making as well as an assured, professional manner of dealing with any unplanned deviations or unexpected events.
It is especially advisable to have an external client representative for projects where decisions are taken on a committee basis or if there is a group structure scenario.

– Organisation of confident decision making client structures together with a comprehensive concept, planning and structuring of the project
– Designing a cooperation model, optimised to your requirements, with suitable contract award procedures
– Establishment and dutiful control of a professional risk management system across all project phases, with an integrated early warning system
– Development of strategic project targets
– Professional leadership in every phase of the project
– Coordination of all project participants
– Stakeholder management with supervision of communication and participation
– Monitoring the overall project plan, continuous documentation and target/actual comparisons