Interior Architecture


teamgnesda creates spaces that convey the vision of the enterprise and support and motivate employees in their working methods.

  • Which working environment has a motivating effect on employees and therefore contributes to the success of the business?
  • How is the company’s CI reflected in the interior design concept?
  • What furniture is ergonomic, functional and fits the company’s external appearance?

People and spaces are intertwined on a complex level and reciprocally affect one another. This is one of the aspects that make designing working environments so exciting. If employees are given the freedom to decide for themselves how and where they are going to work in a concentrated manner, alone or together with one another in teams, this will not only boost creativity and the innovative power, it also results in the optimal use of purposely arranged office spaces and workplace modules.

With tremendous enthusiasm teamgnesda translates the dynamic requirements of organisations into inspirational working spaces, fit for the challenges of the future.

teamgnesda guides your company through the spatial modification processes – from the initial draft to the finalisation. We will implement your ideas into modern and functional office space concepts and render them visible to you. At this point our holistic interior design concept takes account not only of the building but also the space pending arrangement itself. When planning we consider it important to combine aesthetic aspects with functionality and the needs of employees. The overall impression should reflect the company’s CI and culture, thereby enhancing identification with the enterprise among employees and customers.
As your point of contact for a genuine one-stop service, we will assume responsibility for the coordination and control of the various sub-contracted trades. We emphasise the need to balance design, cost-efficiency, feasibility and technical implementation. By co-opting your employees into workshops and into the design process itself, we achieve a high level of acceptance for the new design.

– Guiding the company through the complete process of spatial change: Briefing, concept, draft, planning/co-ordination, implementation and post-treatment
– Advising the company with an emphasis on communications and corporate identity within the space
– Development of creative, individually coordinated and innovative interior design concepts (workplace optimisation)
– Individually tuned designer furniture with a focus on ergonomics, shaping and functionality