Occupancy Planning

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Occupancy planning reflects the requirements of the room and function programmes as well as the office policy

  • How are the teams and departments arranged throughout the building?
  • What spaces are assigned to which users?
  • How are general spaces utilised?

Occupancy planning sees teamgnesda engage with the central issues that arise with every new office and every renovation. The task is to take the office concept that has already been developed as a basis and breathe new life into it. In occupancy planning the spaces are assigned to their new users. Through the analysis of the organisation as well as the internal communication and work processes we ensure the establishment of a flawless collaboration between the teams and departments. A communications matrix is employed to analyse every communication channel and furthermore the organisational interaction, the result of the analysis are projected on the space.

Occupancy planning ensures that all employees and every process is mapped within the new office structure and assigned to the appropriate area.

Numerous tried and tested tools and methods facilitate the full integration of employees and managers into the process of occupancy planning. User representatives assume the information exchange function between the project team and the employees within the organisation. Queries and surveys can be performed via the teamgnesda online platform. So employees themselves, or within their teams can test the different versions.

– Testing the office and spatial concept to ensure it is feasible for all teams, departments etc.
– Assessment of the office- and spatial concept with regard to the building and infrastructure (such as the building services)
– The planning and spatial mapping of the communication processes between the organisational units
– Determining where the organisational units will be accommodated in the building. (= “zoning”)
– Determining where individual teams and each and every employee will be assigned their “new home”. (= “occupancy”)