Office Concept



Work environments for more creativity and motivation

Successful office concepts are created once the corporate structure and culture are perfectly mapped to the designated space. It is imperative to have a tailored solution to get your company up and ready for new working methods.

  • Which infrastructure and equipment underpin your typical working structures?
  • Where do your employees feel at ease, and what motivates them?
  • How can the communication within your business be optimised?

We perform a structured needs analysis to determine which working methods and processes are important to you. These results establish a basis on which to perfectly match the office concept to your requirements.
The new spaces will provide your employees with an effective tool facilitating creative and flexible working.  By taking account of the various processes, your staff will identify the right place for the particular activities and actions. Ample space for meetings, team-working and project tasks boost the levels of internal communication and underpin the collaboration.

The individual office concept bolsters identification with the company, it motivates and fosters creative working partnerships between all employees.

In collaboration with you as our client, we develop a suitable working environment, using our experience together with certain special tools, such as the teamgnesda Picture Board. By aligning the office concept with the individual processes, we create areas specifically suited to the needs of your business. The right environment exists for every activity – an office concept in tune with the philosophy of activity-based working.

A precise analysis enables us to identify possible spatial optimisations, which can then be imported directly into the new office concept.

– Analysis and evaluation of the individual activities and work processes, in order to achieve activity-based working in the future.
– Preparation of cutting-edge office concepts attuned to your processes and your employees.
– Planning of the new working environment, factoring in the structural, functional, organisational, social and communication-related aspects.
– Development of office concepts that perfectly integrate cutting-edge IT and communications technology.
– Within the framework of the office concept, spaces and rooms are created for formal as well as informal communication, because communication is simply critical to success.