Relocation Management


teamgnesda plans, co-ordinates and controls the relocation and supports the employees, including follow-up support, to find their way in the new environment.

  • When should you start planning your move?
  • Which measures make it easier for employees and the organisation to prepare for the move?
  • What are the anticipated risks and what safeguards can be put in place.
  • Why is the “first day after the move” so important for a successful relocation project?

In a change project involving site relocation, the move is that part of the project that effects every single employee more than any other part of the project. This is a special situation that offers copious room for teamgnesda to demonstrate “client partnership” in its literal sense. Because every project holds differently structured, technically critical processes and logistical challenges. An efficient, low-stress and trouble-free relocation culminates in a smooth “first day after the move”, the crowning finale to a long-enduring customer relationship.

The joy upon arriving at the new office constitutes the successful end to a trouble-free and well-planned relocation project.

In many projects it has been evident that uncovering all the cost factors relevant to the move demands what amounts to meticulous investigative work. This is why teamgnesda devotes such a wide scope to this part of the relocation preparations, thereby helping all those involved to attain a genuine awareness of the costs at any early stage. In relocation management the focus lies, as in all other service areas covered by teamgnesda, on getting employees involved. There is no substitute for continuity in the activities employed and the level of personal communication – this is a critical criterion for success for the employees (and therefore for the organisation too) during the final step of the project. Having gathered data about relocation projects over many years, right from the lead-up stage we are able to elaborate activities and rules to ensure that “Day 1 after the move” proceeds as trouble-free as it possibly can.
teamgnesda deploys tools and methods developed in-house to assist all the project phases of relocation management. Among these are the teamgnesda online platform, a user-friendly volume measurement tool and an automatic labelling device. So the perfect support is available for the relocation process that has been tailored for your company.

– Comprehensive project organisation, support during the preparation phase, the actual move itself and the familiarisation phase at the new location
– Selection, sub-contracting and supervision of the individual trades and sub-contractors (trucking company, IT, …)
– Wide-ranging employee information and support service before, during and after the move
– Delivery of all relocated assets at the destination address
– Aligning the project to “Day 1 after the move”
– Clearance and recycling activities at the source site as requested