Peter J. Oswald, CEO Mondi Europe & International:

On the topic of the newly created topical rooms which are on the one hand withdrawal areas and on the other hand room for meetings?

“It was important for us to create an interesting working atmosphere which brings our company culture to life. The office concept has deliberately been designed in such a way that rooms invite you to have conversations and work with each other.”

 Dr. Kari Kapsch, CEO Kapsch CarrierCom:

To what extent do the building, office and workplace concept fit with the changed requirements?

“The new strategic orientation has meant a cultural change within the company. We want to stay on the road to success and that means creating an innovative and cosmopolitan climate in the company. We want to present the innovative strength of the company also in its appearance.”

 DI (FH) Laura Feusch, Team Manager Spacemanagement ÖBB:

How will the new office policy change the communication within the company?

“We have a new work environment in the company headquarters which provides almost as much space to communicate as it does for focussed work. This naturally reflects the way we work today and our requirements.”

Ing. Mag. Nicola Kasakoff, SMG Facility Management GmbH/Managing Director (Styria Graz):

Looking back, which measures or tasks were especially valuable for you during the relocation process?

An essential focus in the relocation preparation was concentrating on day 1 after the move. teamgnesda worked intensively with us on the meticulous preparation of this day and also prepared a broad integration of various in-house and external service providers.

DI Irene Fromwald, Manager Quality, Safety, Technical & Environmental Affairs Admin Services, 3M Österreich:

How did the behaviour of staff change with the open space offices?

“The communication amongst staff has significantly improved. In the old 3M offices, we were spread across three different building parts. Now all staff is located on one floor and like to meet in Café-Corners which were designed specifically for comfortable and informal exchange.”

 Johannes Nejedlik, Managing Director KSV  1870:

How did you integrate your staff into the overall planning and relocation process?

“We informed our staff naturally as soon as possible about our plans and included them in the room planning. For this purpose, we selected the so-called Business Group Champions, who ensured communication to all other staff members.”

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